Isola Marras


Dubai – United Arab Emirates UAE

Architecture and Interior Design by Studio Associato Beltrame e Gelmetti – Milano.
Lighting Design: project by Quarchatelier with Simon Fumagalli and Marina Del Monaco.

Light as a sales-tool: seduces and gives greater economic value to the displayed product.

Light used as a tool to increase products both tactile and visual perception.

Given the geo-physical conditions of the place, the setting of the lighting project started from the analysis of the natural daytime illumination and from the late opening hours of the PV.

The space reaches considerable heights, over 8.00 meters in height, while clothing is displayed at 160cm from the ground; only a dedicated scenography occupies the upper height.

To condition such an important volume, articulated on a surface of about 200 square meters, it was necessary to think of lighting sources, to reduce power consumption without compromising the quality of light and experience.

From the point of view of the HLD that is the Human Lighting Design, the aim of the light was to help Isola Marras to manage and increase the value of the collections, highlighting the chromatic tones.

The space was designed as a volume marked by accent light and shadows.

We worked with two layers of light: the suspended tracks for LED projectors were arranged at the highest level with 15° light beams and 30° Medium beams, both with power of about 50W and 5000lm light emission. These tracks have been placed side by side with ceiling hanged aluminum tubulars in order to be able to mount halogen shapers.

It was a question of mixing two types of lamps, the electronic LED with mains voltage incandescent one.

With halogen light sources, it has been possible to better define the shape of the light drawn on the ground and on the product, with cleanliness and depth of light effect, to create well-defined shadows.

The 3000° K LED sources slow down the heat impressed by the halogen lamps, obtaining a soft and more pulverized lighting effect.

We have arranged a second layer of projectors that harm mounted form walls focused the light on clothes. These were 60W QT12 halogen lamps with an 18° light beam.

The amount of light at floor level is not constant and changes according to the areas and store needs.

The lighting system is managed by a control system based on DALI and DMX protocls to allow different lighting scenarios.

Light is used to stimulate the experience within the Point of Sale and to make the relationship with the Stylist’s creations fluid.

Light certainly helps the shopping experience, it is a fundamental ingredient for the active well-being of customers.