Bosco Cerimonia Sposa



Architecture and Interior Design by Studio Associato Beltrame e Gelmetti – Milano
Lighting Design Simone Fumagalli – Pinkball Studio

Petrovsky Passage building was born in1906 in Moscow.

Nowdays Petrovsky Passage represents one of the most exclusive and refined international Shopping Center, with lot of beautiful and outstanding fashion boutiques inside.

For Bosco Cerimonia Sposa Design Concept the Architects have known how to highlight the femininity of the product and the exclusive design of the space with richness of detail enhancing the fabrics and the sartorial refinements of displayed clothes.

Light plays a primary role, filling up the space and articulating the scenographic plans.

Experiencing the rooms inside the Store is always engaging with light effect enhancing clothes and accessories with balanced warmth, without boring the spectator.